Olivia and Niall's 
Wedding on Pudding Pie Hill

Weddings on Pudding Pie Hill Photographer

6th August 2021
Weddings on Pudding Pie Hill photographer, Chesterfield wedding photographer  

The Wedding Venue- Weddings on Pudding Pie Hill at The Fox and Goose

"We liked that the venue was picturesque and had character but was not grand or over the top. We wanted a fairly small intimate/chilled out wedding in the countryside and The Fox and Goose was exactly what we were looking far. We took our parents for some food before booking and it was delicious and sealed the deal!"

The Make up and Hair

"My sister is a hair dresser so she did my hair. We had lots of practice before hand so on the day there was no worries. I went for a pretty simple low bun which i loved. As for make up I actually did my own! I think people thought I was crazy but I have really sensitive skin so was worried about products etc. I spent lots of time on YouTube practicing months before using products I knew suited my skin. I really enjoyed doing it myself on the day and actually got a lot of comments on how good it looked so I was happy! It was a lovely relaxing morning with my bridesmaids, mum, mother in law and auntie."

The Dress, Shoes and Flowers

"My dress was from Hummingbird bridal studio in Stockbridge. I tried on a lot of different styles but went for a Morliee A-line dress which I thought had boho vibes to suit our style. My shoes were converse that I had made bespoke by a small local business called Customs by Ellie. Not to everyone’s taste but I thought they were really cool (and comfortable!). Our flowers were from Elle Flowers. We gave Elle a rough brief of our boho/sage green theme and let her decide and they were beautiful."

The Groomsmen Suits

"The suits were Marc Darcy 3 piece from Tickled Pink Bridal and Menswear in Doncaster. They were a dark Navy and went really nicely with the sage green bridesmaid dresses. I (Niall) had a different waistcoat to the rest of the groomsmen. I had it custom/made to measure whilst we were on holiday in Hoi An, Vietnam (where I actually proposed). Before the ceremony I was a little nervous but mostly excited. Also worried about the weather as the forecast was bad but it in-fact turned out great!" 

How did you feel walking down the aisle?

"We both felt a sigh of relief that despite all the worry with Covid it was really happening. The ceremony was supposed to be outside but we had to move it inside due to the weather. In the end, we didn’t really care if it was in or out, the room inside was still beautiful and we were just both so excited to be married. We remember when we walked out we were both just grinning so much our cheeks hurt."

Celebrations! How did it feel seeing all your guests after the ceremony? 

"Seeing all the guests straight after the ceremony was one of our favourite parts of the day. It had rained during the ceremony but as soon as we stepped outside afterwards the rain stopped and the sun came out. It was pretty unbelievable. We had canapés on the lawn and it was brilliant. We love the confetti photo were we are both squinting 1. Because we were smiling so hard and 2. Because the sun was shining brightly on us. "

The Bride and Groom Photoshoot at The Fox and Goose

How did you feel during the bride and groom photo shoot?

"We felt really relaxed whilst having our photos taken. It was actually nice to have some time on our own (well Frances was there but we hardly knew she was there really)."

The Bride and Groom Photoshoot at Curbar Edge


Why did you choose Frances Milburn Photography? Do you have a favourite photograph?


“We had seen Frances’s photos in an album at the venue when we booked the wedding. We saw the photos taken at Curbar Edge and just loved them. It’s hard to pick one exact photograph but it would definitely be one of the ones at Curbar. We love the outdoors so they just match out personalities perfectly.”

Was there a theme to your wedding?

"The theme was boho. We had neutral and sage green colours."

The cake and first dance

"Our cake was made by a friend of Niall’s sisters. Her business is called Don't Crowd The Cake. She has made us cakes for birthdays etc. in the past and have always been lovely. Our first dance song was Better Half of me by Tom Walker. We just really love the lyrics but we can’t lie we didn’t love doing the first dance. We were nervous about doing one from the start as we don’t really like dancing or being starred at so being starred at whilst dancing just wasn’t that fun for us! Everyone just told us we had to do one but if we had the time again we maybe wouldn’t have bothered doing one. Although there are some lovely photos from that moment."

What is the most memorable moment from your wedding day?

"Most memorable moment has to be the moment we stepped outside after the ceremony and the clouds just instantly cleared and the sun came out. We had drinks and canapés on the lawn and everyone was in such good spirits and we were so happy. 

Any tips for future brides and grooms?

"Enjoy every moment as it will go sooo fast! Try not to worry as things may no go exactly to plan but those moments will be what make your day unique and memorable."

Any suppliers you’d like to recommend?

"Of course, Frances Milburn Photography!

Hitched Productions Videography - Tom was great- him and Frances made a great team!

Ellie flowers - we loved our flowers.

Perfect day stylists - quickly turned our outdoor decorations into beautiful indoor flower arch due to weather changing plans.

Hummingbird Bridal Studio - staff were brill and had a great choice of dresses."