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Children and Family Photography 

Derbyshire | Chesterfield | Matlock

Family Photographer Derbyshire

Frances never fails to amaze me with her work! Not only does she have the absolute patience of a saint but she goes above and beyond to make sure she captures the best photos possible.

Allie Fewings


I will capture you exactly how you are making it fun and producing genuine family giggles and capturing those memories that will last a lifetime. I love to use natural light when creating children and family portraits, I find the great outdoors to be really helpful allowing for movement to feel relaxed in front of the camera.

If you have a location in mind that’s great if not I like to use Lumsdale waterfalls near Matlock. It’s a little hidden gem that not many people know about so its normally very quiet, there is lots of colour and opportunities for beautiful photographs. 

Here's a selection of photographs taken over the past couple of years.


In the past Frances has done newborn photos for me and she’s been fabulous, but this time we asked her to do a family portrait.

Not only did she have to capture 3 children, ages 4 and under, she had the hardest task of getting a smile off the two men aswell... haha!

Frances Milburn Photography-109-2.jpg
Frances Milburn Photography-67.jpg

Children and Family Photography 

Derbyshire Chesterfield | Matlock

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